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Here are pictures a few pictures from the recording studio as "The Wanted Man" was working on his latest project, First Thing I Pray For.

First Thing I Pray For will be available for order September 7th, 2002.

On July 15th, 2002, I went into the studio to begin working on my First Thing I Pray For project. During the week, I met new people, learned a whole bunch of new stuff about being a musician (you never quit learning... if your smart), and made some great friends.

I can honestly say that I cannot imagine doing another project without Rex, Hank, and Peter as the core band. Now if I could only get them to move to Michigan!

I thought you might like to take a look inside the studio as the project progressed.

The Wanted Man at MGP Studios, in Hodgenville, Kentucky
Pictured here on the left is Rex Wiseman, who did an excellent job playing Rhythm and Lead Acoustic Guitar, Electric Lead, Steel Guitar, and Mandolin.

On the Right is Hank Rose, playing one of the most solid bass guitar lines in the business.

We were really blessed to have Peter Young throwing down on the drums. 

How awesome can you get... not much more than this guy. A stick of dynamite couldn't knock this guy off beat.

Here I am (on the left, of course) with my producer, Multi-Grammy award winner Mark Goodman.

They say you know when a project is going to be good when you leave hating your producer. I disagree ('cause I know the project is awesome). I really feel like I made one of the best friends of my life when I met Mark.

It really is amazing what you can do with a little talent, a lot of humility, and praying with your producer before recording each day.

I caught a picture of Rex with the world famous "Mark Goodman" fish. The guys told me that everyone that know the industry would know I really recorded there if I took a picture of the fish.

I was beginning to wonder if they were pulling my leg when they offered to take me snipe hunting later that day!

Here is the trademark look of a successful recording studio: a nice comfy chair that only the producer is allowed to sit in, lots of intimidating looking equipment, CDs, DAT tapes (only half of which are labeled), and right in the midst of it all, a half drank Mountain Dew.

How else can you fit in those 12-hour days?

Here is Rex laying in some Red Hot Steel Guitar on A Wanted Man...
...a few Electric Guitar licks in First Thing I Pray For...
And finally, a smoking "Smokey Mountain" mandolin solo in I Want To Go To Heaven.

"Awwww, yeah... Play it, boyz!"

Seriously, I also made a great friend when I met Rex. He truly is one of country music's great guitarists... and I am honored to call him a friend.

From the prayerful mood of Just As I Am... the epic musical journey of Independence Day...
...the heartfelt love of I Thank God For Your Birthday... the nostalgic feelings of Grandma's Lamp.

First Thing I Pray For is definitely a "must have" CD for any Country Gospel Music lover.


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