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I'm Derek Cromwell, The Wanted Man.

I thought it may be running through your mind why I call myself, and my Ministry, The Wanted Man. Well, it is my belief that we are all Wanted Men. I can best explain that with a brief outline of my belief in the Awesomeness of the Triune God of Creation.

I believe first and for-most in the undeniable Sovereignty of the God of the Old Testament, and in the equal greatness of His New Testament Incarnation, the Lord Jesus Christ, and of the inescapable presence of Them Both thru the ministrations of the Holy Spirit. 

All Three, making one Godhead and yet having separate attributes that make possible a God of Justice, Grace, and Comfort.

Jesus came because we were guilty fugitives from God, Wanted Men to coin the term. He was sent to seek out the fugitives. 

But not for the Justice we deserved, but for Grace. 

He came to Love the Loveless, Help the Helpless, and Forgive those who could not be forgiven. In the process, He became a Wanted Man and was tried and convicted in a pagan court that knew nothing of God or justice, and for the offence of our sins He was killed by the very ones He came to save.

The Sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary, and His resurrection three days later, makes possible not only the redemption from sin, but also the hope of eternal life in glory with Him.

When He arose, He appeared to many as a testament of His power even over the grave, and when he spoke even with Peter (who had denied Him, cursing and swearing, on the night He was arrested) said that He wanted him to share the Gospel with the world.

Peter became a Wanted Man himself, as did the other followers of Christ in the early days of the Faith.

By Gods grace, may we too become Wanted Men!


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