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Family Pictures

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Here are some pictures from

"The Wanted Man"

Family Album!


Here are 18 month pictures of Bobby Lee.

No bib-coveralls this time. 




Here is a set of pictures of Derek and Elizabeth with Bobby Lee at his nine month pictures!

Yes, once again we have dressed the baby in bib-coveralls. What can I say... he likes them.

The Wanted Man Gang Rides Again! "Didn't we just do this pose?"
Daddy and Son, ready to take on the whole world... well maybe after a bottle and a nap. "Hey Daddy, got any candy in that hat?"
I'll get an early start on the climb up the corporate ladder. Just one question... what's a corporate?  Sittin' high, and lovin' life!

Here is a set of pictures of Brenda and Elizabeth with Bobby Lee at his six month pictures!

Keepin' Time! With The Ladies
Can I play with the camera controls, too? "I like sitting with mommy and Sissy"!
"Sissy makes me laugh, she is so funny"! I'm about all "funned" out!
OK, just one more smile, can I have my bottle now?


Here are a few pictures of the "New" addition to the family!

The first pictures that we posted of Bobby Lee can be viewed HERE!

Bobby Lee in "Bibs"! Bobby Lee in Bib!
Bobby Lee with Mommy! And Bobby Lee with Daddy!

"What's with the smug grin, Bobby Lee?"


Here are a few pictures of the family with Derek's parents!

The kids with Mammaw and Pappaw! Derek gets into the picture!
The Wanted Man Gang! Three Generations of Cromwell's!


Robert Lee Cromwell
"Bobby Lee"

Born: January 5th, 2003 at 9:47 am in St.Joseph, Michigan.
9 lbs 1 oz
21 inches

Here are a couple of pictures from the first day in the hospital. And just to answer the obvious question... yes, he does have a mouth. Somehow he kept covering it up when someone would snap a picture.

Brenda, holding Bobby Lee, is exhausted, but still glowing with motherly love.


Here is Elizabeth holding her new little brother, with the help of Aunt Debbie! She has already gotten protective.

She told one of the nurses who had come to examine Bobby Lee that he was sleeping and that she better not wake him up!


Some of you have emailed asking me what I like to do during my time off, so although it has nothing to do with my music ministry, I have included the following pictures of our recent vacation.

Why? ... because I can!

A Little R&R at Paramount's Kings Island in 2002
The mark of a truly "Wanted Man."

Scooby Doo has me in custody.

Actually, Scooby Doo always has been my favorite, so I really enjoyed having my picture taken with him here.

It only cost me a couple of Scooby Snacks!

And of course, here is my biggest-little fan with three of her heros!

I guess the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree after all, huh?

A little Cherry ICEE to cool down on a hot day at the park.
Here is the rest of the gang that went along. Left to right is my wife Brenda, my newsletter editor Debbie Dixon, her husband Will, and of course Elizabeth.
There is nothing like a ride on an old-time carousel at night. Elizabeth rides a wonderful example of a carved carousel horse. 

According to her, I am supposed to make her one like it. I guess that should stretch my wood carving skills.

There is an nostalgic and almost magical feeling as band organ plays and the lights reflect off the mirrored panels. She didn't want to go home. I can't say that I blame her.

A young man named Jon did my caricature while I was at the park. He really captured my personality in this sketch, so I thought I would post it here.

Who knows, it might make it onto a t-shirt someday!



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